Custom Motor Cycle Rear Wheel Nut Cover. 

(Not Yet Polished)


A small (2000 sq. ft.) Southern Californian machining and fabrication shop interested in helping anyone who is in need of the skills we have to offer. Our typical customers are engineers, scientists, maintanence personell, business professionals and regular people with an idea they want to develop into a product.

Qualified Machine Shop is waiting to bring its services to you! Located in the  Sorrento Valley  area of  San Diego   for Forty Five years, our experiences  supporting  small  and  large businesses, as well as  individual inventors and entrapeneurs, has allowed us to compile a significant array of skills sets, and contacts with other related industries, empowering us to give personal attention to every detail required by your project.  Please see our "SERVICES" page for more details.

We make new parts as well as performing repair work on worn and broken ones.  We work with steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass copper and some exotics, as well as plastics and selectively on some G-10 fiberglass projects.  We have partnered with several individuals who have turned their start up idea into a large and successful company.  Put us to work to do the same thing for you!

Aquestrian Camera Control Module Housing. 

         (Still in development stage)