We try to be as full service a machine shop as we can.  In order to relate to you weather we might be of assistance to you or not, the following short list  has been compiled for your consideration.  Our shop includes a great deal of additional tools and equipment that come in handy now and then, but this basic list of our most frequently used machines should help you to decide if we are

​likely to be of service to you.


1    300 amp TIG Welder
1    250 amp MIG Welder
1    Oxy Acetylene Welding set
1    Sheet metal Brake: 16 ga. capacity.  36" length

Machine Tools




It is the mission of Qualified Machine Shop to serve its customers to any degree which our equipment and skills allow.  We are well versed in general machine shop and have tool and die experience as well as competent welding abilities and capable sheet metal talents .  A great deal of our work is performed for the benefit of scientists and entrepreneurs who bring their rough designs to us for prototyping, and then further research and development modifications.  However everyone is welcome no matter how large or small the job.

Over the years it has been our privelege to aid several customers who have ultimately launched their product to great success.  Give us a chance to partner with you  and lets see how far you can go!

Sheet Metal

1   Box & Pan Break:  16 ga. capacity X 36" long

1   Corner Notching Shear:  16 ga. Capacity

1   Treadle Shear: 16 ga. Capacity X 48" long

1   Turret Punch:  1/8 thru 1 1/4 hole size @ 1/8" intervals.

3    Knee Milling Machines  9" X 42" table, 12" X 21" travels

1    Lathe:  22" diameter capacity X 90" long (3.5" Head bore)

                   Removable way for short length turnings of                                     up to a 30" diameter

1    Lathe:  16" diameter capacity X 75" long

1    Lathe :  10" diameter capacity X 48" long

2    Lathe :   Collet lathe

1    Lathe:   Turret, Collet lathe

1    Vertical Bandsaw:  17" throat

1    Horizontal Bandsaw

1    Vertical Milling CNC center.  20 tools, X feed= 30"  Y feed=16"

1    CNC Lathe  2.5" O.D. Capacity.  8 tool Capacity 

1    Surface Grinder:  7" X 16" table